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Bass Fishing Tackle

So much of bass fishing is the gear you use and love. We have the privilege of testing some great gear, and we report on all of it here. From rods to cranks and lures, read about the latest gear here.

Shimano Core 100Mg

I must say this sweet little Core reel is the cats meow! Shimano does it again! An excellent bait casting reel, in my opinion, and for the money, it’s a sweet deal worth every cent! I purchased both the 7.0:1 and the 6.2:1 gear ratio with the 7.0:1FV coming with… Read more

Rapala R Type Rods

I’ve always used and trusted Rapala throughout my fishing years and I must say their new R Type rods are a great addition to my Bass fishing collection! The Rapala R Type rods are nicely balanced, strong and light. You no longer have to spend a fortune for these important… Read more

Lake Fork Craw Tube

Lake Forks Craw Tube will catch you Bass, plain and simple. Basically, it’s a craw and a tube in one and trust me, it works! The 4” Craw Tube is unique with its ringed body giving it a soft meaty feel for the Bass, and a solid tip to help… Read more

Jigs Lightning Series Lures

In 2003 I was given a jig to try out by one of Ontario’s premier jig experts, Tony Steinfeld.  That was six years ago now and it is still in my Bass jigs box to this day.  Many Bass have fallen victim to its sting and many more will I’m… Read more