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Lake Fork Craw Tube

Lake Forks Craw Tube will catch you Bass, plain and simple. Basically, it’s a craw and a tube in one and trust me, it works!

The 4” Craw Tube is unique with its ringed body giving it a soft meaty feel for the Bass, and a solid tip to help make rigging it a snap. You can even use a screw in bullet weight, but the way I like to weight it is with either a Gambler Goop Weight or the EZ tube rattle weight from Lindy.

Most of the time I rig my Craw Tube with the EZ tube rattle weight. The reason being, the weight is hidden and it stays put. Best of all, it rattles up a storm, but keep in mind, the Goop weight from Gambler also comes with rattles and can be used effectively. It’s the hidden factor that works for me. The thickest cover you can imagine is fished with ease and confidence, as well as giving the Craw Tube versatile qualities extraordinaire!

I like a 5\0 Owner rigging hook with the Craw Tube presentation with the point buried through the tentacles and let loose in the belly of the tube itself. That is what gives the Craw Tube weed less capabilities that will help us put that bait anywhere we want including lumber cover. I have pitched many wood pockets with out so much as a hang up and I have been rewarded for my efforts with good sizes of Bass!

You can ‘fast’ hook it if you like by putting the hook point through the two thin skin layers and burying it back in the top skin. This will give you a fast hook set, yes, but should be used in not so thick cover like sparse weeds or docks. When rigging it ‘fast’ it is best to use a smaller hook size like the Owner 4\0. There is no skin to pierce with the 5\0 because it’s obviously too long. By having the Owner 5\0 rigging hook loose in the tubes belly I am not worried about getting that Bass hooked because with the right rod and reel combined with good 30lb braid; let’s just say, that Bass will come out of cover in a hurry!

Lake Forks Craw Tube is perfect for dragging along bottom, dunking, pitching and flipping thick cover or whatever your Bass fishing heart desires. Open up a package and look, feel, and smell for yourself why the Craw Tube works so well!