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Jigs Lightning Series Lures

In 2003 I was given a jig to try out by one of Ontario’s premier jig experts, Tony Steinfeld.  That was six years ago now and it is still in my Bass jigs box to this day.  Many Bass have fallen victim to its sting and many more will I’m sure!

Lightning Series jigs are made by Tony in Peterborough, Ontario.  His jigs have been successful in many tournament winnings and top ten placements over the years.  I know because I was there and even stood next to Tony and his partner Robert Patricio, proudly, on the podium.  Way to go guys!

The jigs Tony builds are an investment because not only are they priced right, they are long lasting.  Weights of 7\16 and 9\16 oz. are the norm, but for me, the 9\16 oz. is used in most of my Bass fishing.  You choose which is best for you!

Tony spares no expense in materials.  Good long lasting quality skirts with a strong weed guard and sharp Gamakatzu hooks topped off with good Bass attracting rattles are definitely its strong point, but I love the fact that the paint won’t chip that easily.  My six year old jig is testament to that!

There is no fixing of rattles or skirt placement between pitches, it’s just pocket after pocket of worry free jigging.  That, my friends is an excellent trait in a jig in my books.  I don’t know about you, but every second pocket is unacceptable!  A consistent product is a good product, and Lightning Series Lures makes a great jig to help boost our ever important confidence in catching Bass.

Remember, we want you to catch fish too!  So go to Lightning Series Lures.com and get one for yourself.  The many different color patterns available have been proven to catch fish!  Its good quality tackle made right here in Ontario by the ‘jigologist’ himself, Tony Steinfeld.