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Why Fluorocarbon?

Clear water conditions calls for it!  Abrasive structure calls for it!  And most of all, fussy fish call for it!  Now let me ask this; would a puppet show be more creative if we could not see the puppet’s ‘life’ lines?  Would magicians object moving tricks be as real if we saw the line used?  That’s why I use fluorocarbon!  Any ‘puppet’ bait I put in front of the Bass’ face has to look like it has no strings attached!

On a serious note; fluorocarbon line is another tool we Bass anglers should not be without.  Many times it is the sole reason for success on the water!  I have learned that lesson, trust me.  I am never without it on the water because when I need it, and I will, I have it.  Have you ever wondered why when two anglers fishing the same bait, in the same fashion and in the very same structure, one out produces the other?  I will bet you my next combo that one is using fluorocarbon line!

Yes, fluorocarbon line is expensive, but it’s worth every penny considering its live well filling ability.  If we use it as a leader tied to our main line then a 200 yard spool should last a few seasons.  I still have the same spool I purchased in 2006.  Considering I use a yard at one time, let’s do the math!  Some, including yours truly, use a 60 or 70 yard leader which is plenty for close proximity fishing.  It’s not a leader, really.  I put backing on my reels for the fluorocarbon line as I would braided line.  This way 200 yards can spool 2 or 3 combos.  The advantage of a fluorocarbon main line as opposed to a leader is when I feel imperfections close to the bait I cut and retie.  Obviously we can go on and on retying this way.  It saves time!  Using a leader means retying at both ends depending on the length used.   A good advantage in using a leader is when one is limited to the number of combos at one time they can tie on a leader in no time to get in on the action.  And it sure won’t hurt in any fishing situation because fluorocarbon will only help.

Fluorocarbon is less susceptible to abrasion than monofilament, but never the less I still check it constantly because you never know when the fish of a life time could be on the end of our line.  All lines should be checked!  I, for one, do not want to take that chance!  It also has less stretch characteristics than monofilament line, but let’s not kid ourselves, the main reason for using it is the near invisibility in the water.  It is a huge factor in today’s fishing because with the Zebra Muscle invasion well underway in Ontario it is inevitable that fluorocarbon line is here to stay.

So; why fluorocarbon you ask?  Because it works!  Why not be the puppeteer and put on a show for the fish.  You will have the audience in the palm of your ‘live well’!