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Spinnerbait Rod And Reel Combos

Spinner baits are still one of the most widely used baits in Bass fishing today and in my opinion, always will be!  They are versatile, easy to use and very effective!

When fishing the right spinnerbait an angler will normally have the right rod and reel combination to complete his or her particular setup.  In my opinion, a basic spinner bait rod should have a distinguishable arch.  Tension from reeling in amplifies the baits action and every move.  Therefore, any slight awkward movement signifies a hit.  By using too stiff a rod the arch is sacrificed and so is the detection of potential hits, not to mention taking the spinner bait right out of the Bass’ mouth during a hook set.  The weight of the spinner bait will dictate which action of rod should be used to achieve optimal performance for success.

Rod action and length are important in that, comfort is in the length and the rod action is for the spinner bait itself.  We all know that the closer we keep our rod tip to the water the deeper the spinnerbait will run.  With that said, I am 5’6” so a 7’ or longer rod would be a little uncomfortable, but a rod of 6’6” is ideal and saves my back from spinner bait tension.  It doesn’t sound like much, but after a full days outing it means a lot, trust me!

Now, as far as action goes, this is where the arch comes into play.  If I were to throw a 3\8 oz spinner bait with a 6’6” heavy action rod, sensitivity would be sacrificed.  The arch would be minimal, therefore, harder to detect hits.  If I was Muskie fishing where 1oz and bigger spinner baits are used then the heavy action will suffice.  For me, a good combination rule of thumb is 1\4 to 3\8oz spinner baits call for medium light to medium action rods and 1\2 or 3\4oz call for medium heavy action rods.  Another rule of thumb is when fishing from shore increase the length of the rod just for the purpose of more distance.  Again, length is for comfort so if a longer rod is what you desire then by all means use it.    I find that, from a boat, the shorter length rod tends to give me better accurate and controlled casts.

I have a few rod selections that I like to use for different spinner bait circumstances.  For example, for 1\4oz spinner baits I use the Quantum 6’4” PT Tour Edition medium light action rod.  For my 3\8oz spinner baits I like to use the Shimano Crucial 6’6” medium action rod.  When fishing the 1\2oz spinner baits I like my Kevin Van Dam 6’6” medium heavy Quantum signature series rod.  To each their own, right!

When it comes to reels I seldom use a spinning reels.  They have their place, but if I was to choose a reel for all rod actions it would surely be the Chronarch 50MG or the Chronarch 100 bait caster from Shimano.  These beauties will make any anglers outings more comfortable and combined with the rods mentioned they are a dream to use.

Experiments have been done and noted!  I strongly feel that these combos will surely work for you as they do for me.  Keep in mind that there are many rod and reel manufactures out there with great products too.  This is just a starting point for now, but I know that Diawa, Fenwick, Rapala, G- Loomis and St. Croix have the right set up as well.

Spinner baits are an all around great bait for Bass fishing.  If you are like me and enjoy fishing spinner baits why not take it a step further and be more comfortable and confident in the right combo for the job!  It will help make our Bass outings more productive, enjoyable and above all, more FUN!