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bass fishing resource tackle tips

bass fishing resource tackle tips


Pork rind Tactics

By Nic DiGravio

prok rind bass fishing lurePork Rind is real pork!  Therefore, care needs to be taken in keeping your pork ‘chunk’ lasting through a day of catching Bass after Bass.  When properly taken care of this baits longevity can surprise even the novice of Bass anglers!

If your pork is the only bait used throughout the days Bass fishing, which has been done, then the pork’s elasticity will prolong.  Keep it moist by using it.  The more we use it, the less chance of it loosing the very key to its success, elasticity. 

There are certain days when one bait will not do to figure out a pattern.  That calls for special care of our pork rinds.  It is quite simple really.  When I am done using my pork I put the rod down in such a way that the rind is always dangling in the water surface to keep it moist.  Some of you are probably asking, “What do we do when we are on the move?”  Well, for us shore anglers it’s as simple as taking the rod with you to the next spot and taking a few seconds to submerge your rind in the water.  When traveling by boat I have a tiny bucket on hand for such tasks.  Just put enough water in the bucket to submerge the bait.  Put the rod in such a way so that the pork is in the bucket.  Strap your rods down and you are ready for your next spot.

Yes, the boat sometimes can get a little wet when Mother Nature makes our ride a little rough, but hey, when the pork performs like it does then so be it.  I don’t know of any boat to date that cannot handle wet conditions!

Another good tip is to work the bait for a bit in the water away from your precise spot so that the pork can get nice and ‘springy’.  You will notice a difference in its workability and when you need to manipulate its body you will pre work it religiously! 

The best thing of all after all this care with our pork rinds is the fact that it can be put right back in the jar.  I have some jars of pork that I cannot remember when they were purchased which makes for more Bass for our buck!  Bass love them and I love using them! 

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