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bass fishing resource tackle tips


Flapp'n Shadd by Gambler

flapp'n shadd

by Nic DiGravio

This is a Flapp'n Shad made by Gambler. It comes in a variety of colours and sizes. I like to use the 6 inch Shad, so you have the weight for casting and it looks great in the water. Best of all.....IT WORKS! Trust me!

If you rig the Flapp'n Shad without any weight, you can still cast it easily with a bait casting outfit, which is the type of reel I like to use to work this lure. Paired with a firm tipped 7ft rod this combo is killer.

I like to rig the Flapp'n Shad weedless, with a wide gap hook. That way, I can crawl it back over the lily pads and weeds letting it sink slowly when I reach an opening, and not worry about hang ups. If you drag it too fast, the fish have a hard time honing in on it. You must be sure to take your time, work it slowly back to the boat dragging it back with your rod and then reeling in the slack. When the hit comes, don't forget to give it time to take the bait. Once you feel the weight of the fish, yank hard and bring it home.

The Flapp'n Shad should be in every bass anglers box. It's in mine and I use it every outing. Happy Fishing!

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